full range

Nordic Light Constructions offers a full range of design, construction and maintenance services from restorations, renovations, digital rendering and permit assistance to user experience and project management.

Pre-construction planning

We are helping you from the start, drawing up the project directives and giving you the ease of mind of having a written tender with a fixed budget. We take pride in keeping our promises and delivering on time, within budget.

Permit process management

We manage the permission process, from applications to consented building permit.

Complete residential commercial construction (turnkey delivery)

We have employed some of the most skilled workers in Barcelona. In support of this we collaborate with the most experienced sub-contractors available. In order to guarantee the quality and to keep the promised timeline, you will enjoy a project manager in direct contact with you, who works directly with the site director who is responsible of managing the day-to-day work on the construction site.

Interior design styling

Illumination, furniture, color, designs, we provide complete services for your need, wether you are redesigning your home or office space.

Property maintenance

Are you a property manager? We offer full service solutions for the maintenance of your property – from small scale repairs to big operations.

and honest

Clear visions, chronological planning and orden along clear communication!

Beginning with our pre-construction process, we evaluate the scope of work and begin tailoring a team for your project’s needs. We collaborate with sub-contractors and professionals such as architects, engineers and designers gaining versatile and valuable input to your project. We will present a realistic schedule and budget estimates that correspond to the real work load.

Clear and open communication is the key to success and we work closely with the client to resolve any construction issues. Each obstacle within the project is informed in detail to the client and discussed closely to maintain the quality throughout the whole project.

We close each project with quality guarantee, inspectioning each detail. To maintain close and lasting customer relationships, your contentment for the results is the most important thing to Nordic Light Construction.